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PJ; Batfam; FE:A;
Learning French + French things;

The Red Pyramid; Ender's Game;
PJ & The Singer of Apollo;

Batman cartoons; Nisekoi; Detective Conan;

Teen Titans; The Amazing Spiderman; Leverage; White Collar;

Hey lovelies. If you’re wondering whether or not it will be cold this upcoming Winter, you’re in good luck…or bad. Check out this update by Huffington Post.

YOU CANT. YOU MUST FINISH THIS. please please please I love your blog just two more weeks please.
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No. the fandom has made me not to be in anymore or read the books anymore. I just dont care anymore and thats what I noticed.

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I actually don’t know what I want to do with this blog tbh.
I really don’t feel like even reading Blood of Olympus anymore.
Sorry guys. I’ve had enough of this fandom.


yo heroesofgotham i got you the good stuff. 

looks a little Shady to me…


i forgot how much i ship jasico omg 

*slides in with a creepy face*

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